House Extensions in Orihuela Costa: An In-depth Look at Their Cost


Expanding your home is an exciting project that can add space, comfort, and functionality to your property. However, as with any significant renovation, many homeowners wonder about the costs involved with house extensions. And if you live in Orihuela Costa, where construction regulations and permits can be complicated, you may feel even more uncertain about the final price tag. In this guide, we will explore the factors that influence the cost of house extensions in Orihuela Costa, helping you make informed decisions and budget accordingly for your next project.

Types of House Extensions in Orihuela Costa

Before we delve into the costs, it’s essential to understand the different types of house extensions. Here are some popular options:

  • Single-storey extensions: These are built on the ground floor, and they can be used for various purposes, such as adding a new living room, kitchen, or bedroom. They are usually cheaper than multi-storey options.
  • Multi-storey extensions: These involve building additional floors on top of your existing structure. They are more expensive and complex, but they can provide a significant increase in space and value.
  • Wrap-around extensions: These comprise a combination of single-storey and multi-storey extensions, usually resulting in a larger footprint of your home. They can be ideal for homes with limited space but may require more design work and permissions from local authorities.

Factors that Influence House Extension Costs in Orihuela Costa

The cost of a house extension can vary significantly depending on several factors. Here are some of the most important ones to consider:

  • Size and complexity: The larger and more complex the extension, the higher the cost. This includes the number of rooms, layouts, and features you want to incorporate.
  • Materials: The choice of materials can affect the final price tag, such as the type of roofing, walls, windows, and doors. Quality materials can offer better insulation, durability, and aesthetics but may come at a higher cost.
  • Site and access: The location of your property, the terrain, and the accessibility to the site can influence the cost of construction, especially if there are obstacles or challenges to overcome.
  • Design and planning: Getting a detailed plan and design for your extension can entail additional costs, such as hiring an architect or a planner, applying for permits and inspections, and meeting building codes and regulations.

Saving Money on House Extensions

Although house extensions can be expensive, there are some ways to save on costs without compromising on quality or design. Here are some tips:

  • Opt for simpler designs and layouts that don’t require extensive alterations or additional features.
  • Choose cost-effective materials that offer good quality and functionality, such as uPVC windows and composite doors.
  • Consider doing some of the work yourself, such as demolition or landscaping, if you have the necessary skills and tools.
  • Hire a local builder or contractor who knows Orihuela Costa regulations and permissions, as they can save you time and money in the long run.


House extensions can be a worthwhile investment that adds value and comfort to your home. While the cost can vary depending on several factors, understanding the types of extensions, the key cost drivers, and the estimated prices can help you plan and budget for your project. If you live in Orihuela Costa and are considering a house extension, Build Works can help you with their expertise and experience in construction and renovation. Get in touch today to get a personalized quote tailored to your needs and budget.

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